10:20 AM, fell back asleep after writing out a blog post around 6:15 AM (published the post and then fell asleep around 6:30, probably). And now I am having coffee, and NOT doing laundry, because it is almost the middle of the day, and the laundromat will be jam packed full of people. It will stay that way all day, too - because it is Sunday. So, tomorrow around 7:00 AM, I will do laundry. Monday morning laundry, the same routine for me since forever.

Anyway, I'm glad I did the decluttering bit around 5:00 AM this morning. Things (literally, too many things) were starting to get to me. Clutter is directly related to mental clarity. Less stuff = more headspace :)

Not that this is the "solution" to any/all of life's problems, but having more mental clarity usually means dealing with whatever pops up is easier. Plus, by having less stuff means I look like less of a slob/clutterbug.

On with the day!