...on the dot

But I have been up since 6:39. I slept...around five hours, and I was shocked when I looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:39, because I figured it would be 3:30 or some shit. Thankful that I slept that long, because at 8:00 AM I need to make a fill at Walgreens (or CVS) for Motrin, was well as a couple other items. Mainly just regular Motrin, for the toothache, and that is about it. I'll "beef up" the order in other ways, too - such as instant coffee, Cascade, and maybe a couple of other things.

[ 30 minutes later ]

Been pissing around the apartment this AM, cleaning up the kitchen, having coffee, doing random bits and bobs here and there, not paying attention to the ongoing blog post, lmao! Ordering Motrin soon enough.

I'll wrap it up now. Gonna be a sunny day, and the birds are already chirping away, and the garbage man just arrived (hasn't been here in three days (due to bad weather, I am guessing - and yes, I must take out my trash)). The orders I am expecting via FedEx, UPS and USPS are "On The Way" but only the tobacco order is arriving today, I think (via USPS). Much-needed order, indeed (because I am out of pipe cleaners).

OK, back later