I woke up around 8:30, and went to bed at....who knows what time? I was very tired though, and slept very good, and feel very rested now, so I am very happy, lol!

I am already on my second cup of coffee, but laundry cannot get done this AM because it is Monday and it is past dawn, so it will be crowded in the laundromat right now and I wouldn't be able to get a machine. Instead, I will wait until 6:00 PM or so, and it will be less busy then, and then I will get everything done.

Anyway, the STLWX is supposed to get warm-ish today (up to 45 degrees), but it is also supposed to be overcast for the entirety of the day, so no hiking will occur, I don't think.

Not a lot of special plans on the agenda for today. Or this week, really. I have therapy on Wednesday, and then I file taxes on Friday. A medium-paced week.

On with the day!