Walked to BP with the overcast sky, sun was shining by the time I was walking home. Smokes were bought, and a Mt Dew Live Wire. I slept OK, I think (from 4-8 – good enough to get me through for a while, but still not the DEEP/RESTFUL sleep a human body requires). I *really* need to get my sleep back on schedule. I blame the mattress, honestly (as that is almost always the case).nnGonna be sunny/warmish today. Too warm for Dec.31, I know that. We had a 100% “normal weather” year here in Missouri (well normal for the past 20 years) up until Winter – when it just *stayed* Fall. It’s basically Fall right now, minus the crisp leaves and epic air.nnI have 14 folders ready to go for the SSD when it arrives, and it is on a FedEx delivery truck for delivery from Maplewood (a part of St Louis), so I am looking forward to getting that, indeed.nnSun is totally blazing now. I had to open the sliding glass door, turn on the central fan, and adjust the blinds so it was heating the apartment (even more).nnBack soon

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