I hate that as soon as I hammer out a title for a post on Ghost, it saves that title as part of the URL, and if I want to change it, I have to do so manually. So, it's like "figure it out now, and for good - otherwise you got legwork to do". Bullshit. Other than that, not a lot of complaints about Ghost so far.

So, I toss in a couple pieces of nicotine gum (2mg each), as the pipes are bitter and wet after heavy use throughout the day. That, and I am sick of smoking them. And also, coffee has been made, and it's bolder than usual, but not espresso - just bold.

By the by, I checked the stats on the old bloggo, tmo, and sure as shit, what used to get 40+ visits a day has dwindled to less than 5 visits a day in less than a week. I am neither upset nor impressed with this number, and not surprised, either, as I haven't updated there for some time (and never will again), but it just goes to show: feed the machine or get left behind. LOL!

I still read Read.write.as, sometimes, but blogging on W.a makes me want to puke. Mostly due to lack of stable servers, and also because I want a change in scenery (which Ghost certainly offers), and also because the owner of W.a and WriteFreely (the latter being the self-hosted version of the service) seems to have decided to low key "abandon" the whole Write.as project. I won't say more than that, because I do not criticize or troll people on the Internet, but it IS a fact that he has let the entirety of the service fall through the cracks of significance, relevance, and even core functionality. And, like what happened with Tumblr in 2017(ish) - when a website fails to function, I stop using it. Plain and simple.

Anyway, if something fxxxs up over here (on Ghost, self-hosted), then I am to blame, and I must figure out what to do. So...yea. I'll stay on top of shit :)

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