So, I decided to pick up this "Jot" notebook from Dollar Tree earlier today, and I have already started to fill the first page. I have been meaning to jump back into physical/analog/hand-written journals for some time now (not that they ever get saved (or at least I never save them)). Surprisingly, my handwriting is still pretty darn good! :) But that is probably from decades of practice - like riding a bike.

The pen is a generic rollerball pen, similar to the V7 pen I had previously (by Bic? I don't remember). But this one is the "Inc R2", and it costs maybe a few bucks for a two-pack at a department store. I like cheap, loose ink pens, as they serve my purposes quite well, and sort of compliment my handwriting, I think.

I expect nothing "mythical" or life-changing to occur when writing in an offline journal, and most of it will be the same shit I put online, but it will be a change of format, at least.

back soon