well whattya know? An npm update.

I wrote on here a few times in the past couple weeks about how npm was/is messed up, and that I kept getting errors (totaling 6 - 5 moderate, 1 critical (which now stopped being called "critical" and is instead called "high")) when I have been trying to update Ghost CLI.

So, I went ahead and checked for a Ghost update, and there was one, so I did the song/dance for that (the new feature is a History Log somewhere on the Dashboard - I don't need it), and then did the Ghost CLI update, and got the same 6 errors as before, but this time, it said there was an update to npm! Showing this line of text in the  CLI (amongst other things):

npm notice Run npm install -g npm@8.19.2 to update!

...so, I ran said command (including sudo before npm - the "npm notice Run" bit there is simply the prompt within the Terminal, itself), and npm updated A-OK, and then I thought "Ahhh, now my Ghost CLI update will "take", and no issues will be had, and no more having to fuss/worry about that". But then I run the Ghost CLI update, and sure enough, same 6 errors. I just ran the sudo npm audit fix --force command it recommended to "force fix" whatever was going on, which will then show me that there are "0 vulnerabilities" when I run sudo npm audit afterwards, but if I try to do the Ghost CLI update prompt again, I get the same 6 errors as before.

So, nothing much happened there, but at least I am up-to-date with npm at this point.

in other tech/nerdy news

I found the monitor I am buying for The "init commit" Project (TicP), and it is a 17 inch square monitor by ViewSonic (the model # is VA708a, to be specific), and it has decent sharpness (I am assuming, I have not seen it in-person), similar to my old 26 inch ViewSonic monitor. And what I think is cool about it, is that this is VGA-only. So no HDMI port whatsoever. In fact, in the port listing in the SPECS on the ViewSonic site, it didn't even mention a headphone jack (a LOT of monitors have those if not speakers - come to think of it, I do not know if it has speakers, either). VGA, sink or swim, nothing else. Cool!

I was going to aim for a legit CRT monitor, preferrably in monochrome only (because I want the TicP project to be a writing-centric ordeal, no piss nor thrills to be done with it other than "simple" stuff), but most of the CRT/bulb monitors on Etsy can be fairly pricey ($200+) AND a lot of them are CRT television sets, and not just straight out monitors. This poses a problem for two reasons:

A) all of the Settings involved (channels, knobs, brightness/contrast dials, etc (for those who remember the "bunny ear" days) make it more difficult to just "plug and go"

B) incorrect ports on the back. The CRT monitors I found usually had a coaxial "port" (it's male, so I don't know if that would be considered a "port", but...), and I need a monitor with different options besides just that

So, I decided to just go with a NEW monitor, which will NOT be utilized for web browsing or any type of MBA display extension, or anything like that. It will only be used for the TicP project. And considering how I will be arranging this rig, the VGA-only route will be A-OK with me.

So there's some news on that.

I am VERY tired right now. It is 4:17 AM, and I have not slept, and got trash sleep the night before (4 hours), and I spent the day at Independence Center rushing around, and I only had a 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon. Feeling beaten into dust at the moment, haha!


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