**Blazing my own path**nnI don’t consider myself an “original” person, or any type of trailblazer, or having any special perspective on the world or it’s issues. I just sort of “do whatever” all the time – a normal dude who has an Internet connection and says shit online all the time.nnLeveraging the “pOwEr” of the Internet to make one feel “superior” amongst their peers or amongst other people, in general, is a negative thing, I think. We’re all just *here*, part of the grand scheme of things. nnBut, what sets *anyone* apart (no matter who it is – as we are ALL unique), is what they do *in particular* that MAKES them that way. Such as some people (in the W.a/R.w.a blogosphere, for example) have really dedicated themes to their blog (such as [The New Oil](, which I read most of their posts on the regular), or [Inquiry]( (who hasn’t posted in hella long) who had opinionated takes in the form of replies on different blogs, or [Flat Mountain Dispatches](, who documents life through photos and sometimes poetry. It’s all just *how* people see/interact with the world (only in an online format). It’s great!nn*MY* approach, to how *I* do things online, is constant (self) correspondence via online journal entries. I’ve written about how [“Quantitative Writing IS Qualitative Writing”](, and I believe in that (as the old saying goes: practice makes perfect), and I also believe that if my writing speaks to *me* in a more succinct and effective manner when I am writing out my words (or going back and reading them), then my job is done :)nnBut, whatever it is someone is doing online, I would hope that that individual is doing so for their own (personal, even selfish, if need be) purposes, and not trying to “be a thing like some other thing”. nnOriginality is good. Uniqueness is better. In MY opinion :)nnBack later

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