I am not in a slum, but I just went through the front page of the blog, and each post seems a little lackluster in terms of “cOnTeNt”. I mean, it’s the same type of stuff I always write, but I haven’t written anything too mythical lately, is what I am saying.nnNot everything can be gold though, eh?nnIn fact, I probably have a single post per week of something that really *digs in* in terms of good writing – something I walk away from “satisfied”, to where I say “damn, I am proud of that!”. I used to not write until those moments arrived, and then they didn’t turn out all *that* amazing, so I would have to go back and re-edit them, and then by that time they may not be time-relevant (as they were usually concerning current events), and…yea, it’s better to just write a bunch of stuff in between and let the “good stuff” arrive when it arrives.nnSometimes the writing doesn’t matter, though. Or even the subject *of* the writing – it is the enthusiasm put behind the words that makes all the difference. That’s how I see it. Something with tonal layers, with innuendo, a “words have two meanings” type of…quality to them. But sometimes (for me, oftentimes) it is the *structure* of the writing, and the state of mind that I am in when it is getting written that makes all the difference.nnJust my two cents

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