Let's get down to brass tacks. About life. About me. About who I am.

I am not vomiting personal (identifiable) details on the Internet (that's foolish), but, let's discuss what I am in terms of statistics, or disposition, or background, or "life status".

I'm 38. Male. White. Bi. Atheist (with a terrible Catholic background). Vegetarian. Minimalist. Writer. Etc.

Those are some one-word descriptors. But it doesn't paint a very detailed picture, does it?

So, I will say that I am (basically) "no one". I mean, I am "someone" (I'm TMO (my legal initials)), but in life, I sort of "became" no one. I didn't have kids. I didn't get married. I have bad psychosis (from years of frequent LSD abuse, as well as an abusive/toxic home environment in that time (teen years)). I can't really "live" with other people in my residence, and I have to be able to "be alone" at the drop of a hat, though I've had friends in the past live close by, and that works out. But, those friendships are over/gone now.

I'm also totally broke. Broke as a joke. I draw a certain amount from Social Security (the max amount for SSI). I have no qualms with this, because I have no ability to put value in things (or, jobs), and I have no sense of time management.

And, I am unapologetic (about myself, and life). I spend most days online (writing), and try to find other like-minded writers, bloggers, or whoever - people to correspond with. And I have nearly no "true" friends in the real world. That's very true.

So, I am unapologetically no one. It's just how I am. Sometimes things alter/change, and that's better when they do. But right now, it's just me as I am.

Thanks for reading.