Let me start by saying that I have nothing against the people who work at my local BP gas station. They’re friendly, they’re helpful, they’re fine. Whatever.nnBut, the station *itself* is a half gas station/half liquor store, and the fxxxing crowd who are in and out of that place are shady as fxxx!nnI am glad (by all means, I am downright thrilled) that this last trip to BP was my *last* time ever having to go there. I just went there to buy a pack of Lucky Strikes, and some girl was getting a bottle of wine and airplane bottles of…something.nnIt’s 7:00 AMnnDon’t get me wrong, sympathy where sympathies may be due (I, too, am a recovering alcoholic – very badly in the early-2000’s, and I *just* got into another mode of recovery (which I wrote a bit about on here before)), but, it IS quite sad to see people “in the throws” of that type of addiction.nnBut, I can’t think about that. All I can/will think about is ME, because I have to remain focused on my own recovery.nnThe gas station, though – it’s fairly grimy. Really.nnOk, enough about that. I’ll write more soon.

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