I just read this blog post (from Noisy Deadlines on W.a) titled: "About a year ago I deleted my social media accounts" and I love everything about it. Of course, that blog post in particular is her own personal retrospective of things she has learned about having deleted her social media accounts a year ago, but a lot of the bullet points mentioned, I resonate with immensely. The long walks, the urge to scroll, and (most importantly) the need to delete all accounts in their entirety and completely walk away, and not look back, and not try to do some short term "digital detox" sort of a thing.

So, that was a nice read :)

I kinda/sorta already celebrated (yes, celebrated is the word I will use) my two year anniversary of having left social media, (in September 2021 - having left in September 2019), so I will save any/all personal thoughts/beliefs/observances/emotions until September 2022 when I celebrate three(3!) years away from Twitter, Instagram, and everything else that had bit the dust years before I finally kicked Twitter/Instagram to the curb.

What I have observed more and more in recent years though, is MORE people leaving social media. Like, wholesale - altogether! Not all of them have other online entities or accounts or what have you in order to "declare" (or even passively mention) that they have exited social networks, but there are many people I meet IRL that claim to have deleted their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc. accounts, and I certainly believe them.

Good job, humans! We rule!