TZATC - print edition 1 (or, Issue 10)

So, the other day I released Issue 10 of The Zine Around The Corner and it was/is more of a "formal" issue, with a proper Index, and bells and whistles and whatnot, so I was anxiously awaiting for the ZineArranger software that I had discovered on the #zine tag some time back. Now, version 1.0 of that software has been released, so I paid $2 for the download, and went ahead and moseyed over to the leasing office and asked if they could print the 8-page document, so I could have my first print edition of TZATC!

Done and done!

It's on the quarter page format, so a single page of standard paper makes up four "pages" of the zine. I have yet to origami it into it's final form factor, though.

Right now coffee. And then I will either just keep this issue, or use it as a reference of some type, I do not know.

I will likely pay for have more issues printed at the SLCL, and those will be in color, and there will be many more OF them printed. This issue is in monochrome, which I didn't know the office was using, but when she handed me the papers, the cover and everything else is in B&W, but that is not a big deal, at all.

Now I have to look up the folding (and stapling?) format for this particular measurement arrangement on the ZineArranger software (plenty of instructions on there, nice to have), and assemble the thing.

back soon

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