turning it around, and cleaning it up

I realized that I had to get in a resistance band workout. So I did so, and I feel a LOT better! Then I realized my kitchen was a mess, and the living room too, sorta. So I cleaned up those rooms. Started dishes. Took out the trash. And that made me feel better (or cleaner).

And like I mentioned in previous blog posts, the resistance workouts are yielding decent results. My biceps, triceps, and shoulders are definitely more tone, although not exactly "bulky" (though, they are coming along). As a teenager, with free weights and curl bars, I was "built". But I am not going for that anymore.

And, the yoga pose. Which is a front leaning rest position (a pre-push up position), which helps the core immensely. I credit that (~1 minute) pose with nearly ALL of the upper-surface belly/chest fat that has gone down in the past year or more. I do this pose for 1 minute in between sets 3 and 4 (of 5 total) of the resistance band sets. Then I finish 4 and 5, and I am done with that for the night. And I do this bit every other night.

I would say just straight (low-impact, moderate) cardio is the biggest change maker when it comes to my health and...quality of life really. 30 mins of brisk exerise a day (walking to/from Schnucks, or just a couple laps around the neighborhood) at around 3 mph. That is where it's at :)

Sometimes a 4-5 mile hike, and those are great, too!

Diet helps, always. Very low starchy carbs (limiting myself to just flour tortilla (small) in terms of any type of "regular carbs", and perhaps one of those with a meal a day). Most of my diet is fruit. And also ramen noodles, that I make vegetarian style (swapping the sodium packet for Greek seasoning, parsley, pepper and salt).

Everything is habitual. Diverse, but habitual. A lot of things TO choose from, but the SAME things, so as to not shock my system at any time.

Good deal.

Back soon

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