So, what do you know? I restarted the Mac, and restarted my phone, and now PDAnet+ works A-OK again. Hooray! I no longer have to use a Proxy, and I am tethering just fine, and this saves me hella hassle, indeed :):)nnI also went ahead and SSH’d into my VPS, and ran `sudo apt-get update` / `sudo apt-get upgrade`, and did that song and dance, and now I have other stuff to work on. Thank Blog for abundant free time (otherwise I may not have even *thought* to simply reboot everything)!nnNow, I have to consult my notes and see where I am with everything. I’m pretty sure I was on the verge of setting up a Jekyll bloggo using Github pages, and doing that open source bit, to get the idea of how git actually *works*. I mean, I know how, but practice is better than just reading about it.nnSo, I will fool with starting a new repo in a bit, and get busy!nnBack laternn#dev

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