This isn’t an ad or anything, just remarking on how I like the site [radio.garden](https://radio.garden), which I mentioned on this blog forever ago, but I haven’t tuned in in over six months. It’s like a giant map of the globe, and you can choose where in the world you want to listen to an independent radio station (or, stations that participate and have been submitted and whatnot), and the stations are represented as little green dots on the map – you click, and the stream starts, and it is live, and very cool!nnRight now I am tuned in to a station called Coast FM 91.7 in Nanaimo, Canada. Until I looked, I didn’t even know FM stations were on here, but I suppose it all works, haha.nnLast time I was on here, I was tuning into “genuine” Black Metal radio stations in Oslo, Norway, and Bergen, Norway, and that was kind of neat.nnI know there is a Rock radio station based out of Fenton, Missouri, my hometown, so I will tune into that in a bit. It’s nice that there is *some* alternative to KSHE 95 in St Louis, but I do not know how accessible this station is to those who are not using Radio.garden. KSHE, one just tunes the radio to 94.7 FM (in this area, anyway), and there it is. KSHE is a pain in the butt, though – they have consistently bought out any type of Rock radio stations in the St Louis area for the past 30 years, and *ALL* KSHE plays is the *exact* same 70s/80s/90s Rock/Metal “classics” day in and day out. I listened to them (KSHE) all day, everyday, for three weeks when I was moving from my first apartment in Crystal City, Missouri in 2011 (as my Internet provider had already been told to transfer my service to my *new* apartment, and the same for television), so, I listened to the radio constantly, and there were roughly 200-something songs played every single day. Nothing new. Ever. Just “hit shuffle and press play” and that was the entire responsibility of their “DJ’s”, I’d say. Same DJ’s for the past 20 years, too. Nothing interesting.nnI don’t know, maybe I am some “oldhead”, which I tend to view myself as, from time to time. I just finished up reading most of the Wikipedia entry for BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems), which were in use and “popular” (kinda) before my time. I mean, I *was* alive when BBS’s were being used, but I was very young, and there was no computer in my house, so…there’s that.nnBut radio, I relied on it heavily when I was younger. I got heavily into music at age 7, and I didn’t have cable in my home until I was 10, so I had to listen to the radio to find new music (otherwise it would have been MTV, no doubt). Luckily, KSHE was still playing new music at the time (early-90s) and that is where I heard Nirvana for the first time (as well as Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Silverchair, etc. etc.). nnNow, radio is more or less a “throwback” form of media. And the music stations are still great, but the talk stations aren’t terribly interesting unless I want to hear high-minded journalists opine about *this* world event or *that*. Which is sort of what Twitter is (a journalist’s soapbox), and both things (talk radio and Twitter) are annoying af, so to hell with all that.nnOk, Metallica “Damage Inc” just came on the Megarock station out of Fenton, Missouri, so I will listen for a while.nnback soon

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