Made the blond concoction this morning (single scoop grounds in boiling water), and it is getting me going.nnI can’t help but hear my neighbor’s “fur baby” (a German Shepard mix of some sort) bark it’s head off at everything and nothing. It must be abandonment day at that apartment. This dude leaves everyday for *most* of the day, and some days the dog just “quits” (doesn’t bark), and other days it barks consistently well into the night. It makes me think: “why DO some people even adopt animals?” He walks it maybe once a day, and it is slouched down/timid, and barks at every living creature it sees (because the thing is terrified).nnTerrible ordealnnSo, that is how my day is going in [the chicken coop panopticon](https://tmo.name/the-chicken-coop-panopticon/) that is apartment living. I’ll be done with apartments before too long, even if that means hitting the road and being a vagabond.nnAnyway, the coffee is fine. I’ll check in later.

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