…writing away. Well, I am writing *this*, and that works.nnI can’t wait for a move. To move to nearly *anywhere* besides S St Louis County. In the 1990s, it was somewhat of a “destination” area in STL to have residence in. Even Crestwood was nice. Blockbuster stores, Crestwood Plaza Mall, mom and pop shops galore, one of the oldest/longest-running IMO’s Pizza shops in the city (an establishment that is/was a “must-have” if one visited St Louis). And now, Crestwood, and the municipalities below have given way to methamphetamines, heroin, and since the majority of the residents are older, booze – LOTS of it. It’s no longer desirable to be anywhere near here.nnTravel further south, and you will enter Jefferson County, where I grew up. And that seems to be where everything (narcotics) COME FROM, because it’s all boonies and sticks and people who don’t like people who don’t look/act like them. Ignorance.nnSo, I will move right the hell along from this entire area. I haven’t seen redeeming qualities to the state of Missouri in the past 38 years of my life, and I don’t think I will find them now. Perhaps the PNW? Or even Idaho (which is kinda/sorta the PNW). Somewhere in that region. nnThat’s the name of the game, it seems. So I’ll post about that another time.

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