I wrote 3x’s the blog posts today than the amount that got published. I published two of them, and wrote at least six, because I have nothing decidedly interesting to say about nearly anything. And whatever gets hammered out in the editor, I just delete after it sits there for a while, coming to the conclusion that nothing can be derived from it.nnLuckily, each entry was only about a paragraph large.nnBeing in state of misdirection, I took a couple CBD supplements, to try to jog some ideas in my mind. It will probably calm me down after a while, but who knows if the words typed will be useful.nnIn fact, after hammering out the above couple paragraphs, I almost deleted them and just sort of roamed through my evening. But I will publish this post, even if it has no tangible significance.nnI feel sorrow sometimes. Or perhaps a state of grief. For most of the world. For how things have been playing out, and continue to play out with governments and politics. People’s continual and persistent state of distress with the world that they (we) live in. Surrounded in a society of social media scrollers, addicts and influencers. Groundhog Day, but difference nuance and details in *each* day. And I sometimes think that it is the environment we all live in that puts me in a state of non-purpose, and inferiority.nnThe things I observe and take note on, is as if the world came together, and continues to show up, *just* to let everyone else know that they are consistently dissatisfied with what we are, what we made, what we became. nnOthers may feel this way too. I don’t know. nnLet’s hope for brighter days ahead.

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