The other day, I snapped some photos, not knowing what I would really “do” with them. I wanted to try to *enjoy* the process of snapping photos every so often. To rekindle my appreciation for any type of photographic process. nnSo, I snapped these two random shots:nn![](![]( much to make of them – just a beverage + ashtray, and a HELM Bolt USB amp/DAC. nnBut, I sort of get a sense of “photo anxiety” when I start the camera app. Like, “oh here it is! Gotta get that *one perfect shot*!”, and it spoils the whole process for me. nnSo, for now, I think I am just going to keep at it. I will keep snapping a photo here and there, and “learn to love” the process. Because good things can come from snapping good photos.nnI’ll take a couple right now, and come back. Write something about them.nnback soon

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