This time, it paid off. It vended the Mt Dew I purchased, so, I got another one along with it. Now I am going to have two Mt Dew to start the day off (in an unhealthy manner) at 4:30 AM.nnI was up most (nearly all) of the night in torturous tooth pain, as I have a chipped tooth on the right/upper/back of my jawline, and most of the time it doesn’t bother me, but every few weeks it gives me a sleepless night. Terrible. I need to get it checked out by a dentist (likely to do an extraction, because fxxx it), but making my way *to* a dentist and arranging XYZ ducks in a row to do the follow-up, etc. is a royal pain in the ass. I’ll get it pulled eventually, though.nnI woke up to an e-mail about audio stuff, and now all I can think about is audio stuff, haha. By the way, thanx Jan for the recommendation, I am looking into the stuff mentioned (esp the Tin T2, as I like they way they look).nnAnd on the subject of audio stuff, I am still pretty sold on the HELM Bolt. In fact, it is already in my January budget to pick one up, and just keep it attached 24/7 to whichever headphones I end up using (which will be the AT ATH-M30’s for the time being). I think at that point the Apple EarPods will go in the trash, because I will not want to listen to music *without* the HELM Bolt, and I cannot use the HB with the EarPods (at least not effectively). Not to mention the EarPods have lost hella sound quality (too quiet) in the past 4-5 years anyway, so…nnBack soon

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