truth, gratitude, and wordless joy

I am SO happy I went to Independence Center today!

I can't describe how thankful I feel.

From the tasks of navigating department e-mails, to the kitchen food prep, to the cleanup around the desk area, and of course all the people, the casual attitude. Like college! Only people who are just trying to better themselves (as where college there's a hybrid of those bettering themselves, and those who "just want a degree" - sadly).

I was blazed beyond words with sleeplessness, up since 2:30 AM, I was delusional come 1:00 PM. But it was all good :)

Then the ride back. We went through St Louis University, and the campus is beautiful, which I had not seen before, even though I lived but a mile from that area (and just two blocks from the entry to the campus). And between SLU and South City, we went through one of the roughest neighborhoods I had ever seen. Rivaling only that of North St Louis, which is where I lived for six months when I was at St Louis Job Corps.

I texted my therapist before heading home, and she was thrilled/elated with my news (of the good day). We will speak more of it on Wednesday.

I will continue IC, and I will go next Tuesday, when I can get Call-A-Ride arranged again. Then Thursday, then every Tuesday and Thursday after that :)

I popped in with Neighbor "S", and he felt good, and enjoyed the Kodiak PB bar I brought him (which I purchased an 8-pack of before going to IC, so I had "fuel" for the day - though they do serve lunch, but I didn't partake this day). Went to BP too. Got a Diet pepsi.

Good day to all!

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