I remember, once upon a time, of a Golden Age of Minimalist Living. Seriously, from 2000 – 2013 (or so), people made YouTube videos about minimalism, created blogs about minimalism, and indeed, *BECAME* authentic minimalist individuals because *they* came to minimalism on their own. They heard the term “minimalism” and jumped into it for the sake of doing so (usually to clear up mental (head)space). Nothing else. nnOver time (from 2013 or so), “THE Minimalists” (two people) started to pick up steam with a blog, a podcast, a documentary, and became wholesale gatekeepers of (what became) a trend. It gave way to folks like Marie Kondo, and a half dozen other highly influential online characters who professed to be (in not so many words) gurus of the minimalist way of living. But that’s totally false.nnAnd I am neither a gatekeeper nor trend-follower – I’m neither. I just **decided** to adopt minimalism when I moved to St Louis Job Corps in 2003, and locked everything I would need to live in a small wall locker, and told my bunk mate that “I love this minimalist way of living”. I had an entire city (or even world) to explore and not a lot of things to worry about, clutter my mind with, or care about in any way as I just *lived my life*. I was free!nnAnd, I’ve essentially been this way ever since. Sometimes I have more stuff than others – I don’t care nor care TO care about it. It is…whatever.nnBut, whatever it is in life that you like, just do it if/because you want to do it. Not because it’s an influential dragon to chase down and endless rabbit hole. There will be no pay off, no climax, no reward at the end of the rainbow. nnJust be you.nn#minimalism

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