I had to check with my ride (one of two people who have the ability to actually TAKE me anywhere, in an actual car) to see about a grocery shopping trip next Monday, and she confirmed, so I knocked that off my “to-do” list, Thank Blog!nnI still have to arrange for transport to the CT scan for my lower-abdomen thing, but who knows how I will get that set up? I have to first set the appointment (with the hospital) and then arrange for a ride on that date/time. The ride I confirmed with for the grocery shopping trip is like pulling teeth to even get a *single* ride arranged, so I doubt I could arrange for a *second* ride within 10 days (I am supposed to get the CT scan from within 10 days of the initial NP appointment, which was last Thursday). The other person who can give me a ride is busy as hell for the next two weeks.nnSo….IDKnnThere are options for medical transport (that is covered by my insurance), but it seems extremely finicky. I have to have XYZ things set in stone, and have all my ducks in order, the stars have to align, and I have to wish on a falling star (euphemisms can be fun!) in order to get the damn thing to successfully take me THERE and take me BACK without anything going wrong. And I cannot get stranded in West County, either. They also implore me to exhaust every other options in the history of mobility before I call them for transport, so I get the impression that they do not just DO it, willy nilly.nnSo, I’ll figure out something else.nnback soon

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