It’s 12:30, I had coffee, and I am thinking about “toys” – namely; laptops, tablets, phones, peripherals, drones, cameras, camcorders, gidgets and gadgets.nnThey’re cool. They’re fun. They bring a quality of life (or, *improves* life quality) for an individual who takes interest in them. Some (most) people just do things “as they are”; they get the latest iPhone, they install the “expected”/mandatory applications, ignore their computer until it is time to work (if they have one, a lot of folks don’t own computers in 2022, and sometimes don’t need them for work). But for the gadget enthusiast, it can really make “the world go ’round” to have a decent device in front of them. A new external monitor, a fun laptop, a mechanical keyboard, a camera that takes great photos – you name it. They’re fun!nnAnd the activities involved with “gadget lust” (or just gadget love) can be as much or as little as the individual puts into it. 90%+ of the time, the gadget-ry involves doing some sort of Internet activity. Are they decking out a MacBook M1 Pro just to refresh Facebook numerous times per day? Or do they have a side project? Do they just “go with” the built-in apps? Or do they scour around for the “best” (or better) 3rd party variations of those apps? Is the latest iPhone there for “mandatory” communication? Or are they snapping some nice photos with it and editing them on a specific application? Is a $1,200 DSLR there for “just some vacation shots”? Or are they learning the ins and outs and ups and downs of getting “the *best* shot”?nnA lot reasons exist for a gear junkie to get something new, but a lot of the time, it is just personal interest. Not even a “set goal”, or set objective in mind.nnLove what you have, enjoy what you love :)nnBack soon

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