The worn, tattered, nasty Ozark Trail pack is going in the trash tonight, I think. The shoulder straps are on the verge of ripping off, and if I keep it, I might be tempted to actually USE the thing for a future day hike, which would be a careless thing to do, because it is not stable, at all. Besides, I have a small waistband, "fanny pack" that will suit me just fine for most day hikes, as it has the proper space for First Aid gear, small pocket knife, my wallet + phone, and even an emergency space blanket. Besides the things I mentioned, I would just need my 16 ounce Nalgene water bottle, and I am all set :)

I've got a bunch of other doo-dads, and "just-in-case" items, and random bits and bobs that some consider essential for venturing into the wilderness (and yes, if I were going to unfamiliar territory in an actual State Park or something like that, I would have a "10 Essentials" type of backpack with me), but until I get the Rucker backpack, I do not need to worry a whole lot about a dedicated backpack for all kinds of odds and ends (especially a dilapidated backpack that is nearly useless, at this point).

So, that's where I am at with that.

back soon