torrential typing, and never saying it all

I may experiment with a new format for words. I mean, I blog, and always will (and nearly feel like I always have), but, I feel that an audible thing could work, too. I won't go off the deep-end and scotch tape a microphone to my face, such as like HST in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (pretty genius, though, really), I just want to piss around with a deskside tape machine. Or some format to talk my ideas, my thoughts, or whatever I happen to have running through my mind.

Not that it is important. Likely no one will hear them (the recordings), and I will likely not go back and listen to them.

A moment ago, I did some DuckDuckGo'ing, and peeped some stuff from, and I tried to find someone, anyone, in any language, even, who writes often. All the time. Or writes all the time online, I should say. I don't think there are too many people out there, that I can find anyway.

If someone knows of anyone, send a link to my e-mail, please.

nothing more for now

I hope everyone is well

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