Been dealing with a bad toothache this evening, and with no Motrin nor Tylenol to help, it has been a pain (literally!), for sure. I do have Orajel, the liquid kind, and that helps a tad bit for brief moments, but mostly it just wears off fairly quickly and isn't that strong to begin with. But for some reason, when I flipped the furnace off for the night (so I can sleep), the affiliated chills with my apartment cooling down made the pain subside a little bit. So...GOOD! Now, I am making coffee with only mild tooth pain, and listening to the song "Arse End of the Moon" by Special Request (Techno, I guess it would be). And yes, on Tidal, because I renewed with them, because let's face it, I like Tidal. A lot. And the TIN T2 IEM's are doing great (Lord knows that the AT's would be killing my jaw if I had them on right now). And the Apple EarPods have been long trashed. Threw them away not long after discovering the little trick witht he T2's of putting them all the way in my ear, and not letting them sort of "rest" on the edges of the ear canal like I had gotten used to witht the EarPods. I also used an equalizer with the phone before, and that helped increase the bass a bit, but even that wasn't necessary once I got the fitting right.

Now, "Accident Prone" by Jawbreaker is playing. I keep hearing people say "I just discovered Jawbreaker, wish I had heard them earlier", and I, personally, have only been aware of them for a few years, but they were never that big of a band, so it isn't that surprising. But it's weird how I keep hearing that people are "stunned" that they are just now finding them. I guess they "sound" like a bigger band than they were? IDK, they're great though. Lord knows lesser bands have had a bigger impact on the U.S. music scene (think Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Reel Big Fish, etc. (the second one is actually an OK band)).

Not sure what to say at the moment, because I am mostly captivated by music (now "Pet Sematary" by Ramones is playing), and is usually how it goes - I listen to music and I cannot think of jack shit to write.

I am going to call it a night here soon. Not much to say, write about. That's how it is sometimes.

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