I have two chipped teeth. Both are possibly infected at the root. But at least one of them is. It’s painful, but I think since the other night when I went through a type of tooth Hell that knocked out a lot of the nerve-endings on one tooth (or both teeth), that the tooth, itself, will not experience *too* much bad pain. But still, I HAVE to continue to take Tylenol OR Motrin (as sparingly as I can) for the next few days, and keep the Big pain at bay. nnI contacted an emergency clinic and they said to call Tuesday (the day after tomorrow) and try to arrange for Wednesday. If not, the following week I will go up there, b cause there will be terrible #stlwx at the end of this week. More than likely, antibiotics will be needed at first, and THEN the extraction(s) can happen. nnBut that’s how it goes nn**Other things**nnIt’s Superb Owl Sunday (lawl) and I am ignoring the game. Because I do not keep up with sports (anymore). I just know that a bengal would win in an actual fight against a ram. And I also know that halftime shows are shit, haha. nnOk, talk later

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