I have to be in Hillsboro, Missouri tomorrow morning at 10:30 for the tooth extraction (quite a bit of a drive away), but the ride is ready for it, the weather will be OK for it (warm today and warm tomorrow – bad weather arrives Thursday). Now, it *might* just be an antibiotics situation, where they prescribe antibiotics and then I take those for a time, and *then* they do the extraction at a later date. I fact, I am hoping for the latter, because I do not want an extraction with an infected root, as I hear that is terribly painful. But, the important thing is, things are scheduled, and I will be ready to go tomorrow AM.nnToday, it is sunny, warm-ish (or *will* be warm) at 35 degrees climbing to 60 degrees by 3:00 PM. Spring is right around the corner, which means pollen, crazy fresh-smelling air, foliage blooming, fair temps, and Spring cleaning! It also means aromatic tobaccos for me in March, as I like to keep the sliding glass door open and fill the inside/outside air with Cherry-scented pipe tobacco (or *any* flavor that suits my fancy, really). And I am thinking about getting a tub of Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic blend tobacco just to have sitting around for safe-keeping, as every other smaller pouch of tobacco that is aromatic-flavored will be smoked up in no time, because they are so tasty! nnAnd as of Right Now, I am having my second cup of black coffee. Schnucks brand instant, as I already went through all of the Taster’s Choice. The Folgers instant, still sits on the shelf, unopened (but it is still an ok blend of coffee).nnSo…yea. Just glad I was able to make the dental appointment, and will likely pick up groceries tomorrow at Schnucks on my way back home (and pipe cleaners, as I am out!).nnback soon

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