tooth admin

So, that was relatively quick. Just walked in from Hillsboro, where got the tooth extracted at the "emergency" dental clinic there (or, no more than 48 hours in advance clinic). He numbed the spot up (slight pressure), and then I heard cracking and skin-crawling noises (noises that give you goosebumps), and he said first came the "big" part, then two small stubborn parts, but it all came out in the end! :)

Now, I sit, and write, and resist food/beverages for a good long while. And Tylenol and some other stuff will be delivered in the next couple hours (had an order put in for a noontime delivery). I also have a couple Extra Strength Tylenol on hand for whenever the local anisthetic (sp?) wears off. I am also clenching down (lightly) on the folded up gauze in the tooth socket, because we want (or NEED) a good, solid "clot" formed in there, because the tooth's root was right along the sinus wall.

I have had extractions before (this is the third one, actually), and I usually leave the gauze in place until two horus after the procedure. I got out of there at around 10:00 AM, and it is 10:48 now, so I will let it stay in until noon, roughly.

Ideally (aside from swelling) everything will be ok in terms of pain. I will be glad to be off of Motrin/Tylenol in a few days time. I've been taking that shit for 5+ weeks now, it's fxxxing horrible.

So now, on with the morning

back soon