Is that vague enough? LOL! I hopped over to the Linode Dashboard, as I wanted to check my account balance (credits), and I DO need to put more $$$ on there, but, when I was there and looking at the two servers on there (which are this blog and the Thanx Project) I started to think: am I that stuck with the Thanx project, afterall? Because there has to be proper documentation somewhere online on how to get this system up and going (which is basically a one-way messaging system). So, I scoured (for a little while) the API/documentation for things like Pleroma (the lightweight social platform), and ActivityPub, and ActivityStreams (which is what ActivityPub is based off of?), and things like that, and I am not much closer to the solution as to when I started the search.

So, I will revisit it another time. For now, I am going to start my day.