For whatever reason, I decided to enable the toolbar for Firefox on the MacBook the other day. Just a few frequently visited sites were on there (five total), but damn, I did NOT like having a toolbar on my web browser.nnAnd the thing is, I can/will KEEP visiting those SAME sites all the time anyway. So why not have some point-and-click shortcuts to keep things handy? But after a week or so, I felt like I was jarred back into the late-90’s AOL world again – shortcuts, buttons, icons, favicons, small descriptors indicating what each one was (except this time around it was just icons, because I knew which icon did what (there were only five ffs)).nnSo, I removed the toolbar, and I am back to just going to the URL bar and typing a letter or two real fast, and then selecting from the drop-down which site I am looking to go to.nnSome people are even *more* tactile – some will perform every task through the keyboard. They don’t even like using a mouse! Hell, I’ve come across folks in the “small web” world that can (and DO!) conduct nearly all Internet activity through their terminal. That’s hardcore!nnAnd it is also a thing I can respect. I had a conversation with an old friend over on a bit ago (someone I met on R.w.a., actually), about how he was looking for a copy/paste “command” (I guess would be the term?) for the CLI, and then we discussed terminal-based note-taking applications. I’ve heard of people having diaries, and even writing entire books within their CLI. Seems wild.nnBut, I am not one of these people. Not yet, anyway. I DO feel quite comfortable within the CLI, though. I don’t think I will “fxxx anything up” or destroy my computer by doing so.nnAnyway, the toolbar is gone. As is the GUI for the MySQL db I was handling sometime back (I think I last fooled with a db nearly a year ago(!)). I had been introduced to MySQL Workbench (is the right name?), and I thought (and I still assume) that I could just as easily perform all the functions that MySQL Workbench did, only do so directly in the terminal application using just plain old commands for a plain old MySQL db. I could be wrong, but I didn’t see a function in MySQL Workbench other than the graphical interface.nnCool. I don’t know *why*, but cool.nnAnyway, just some thoughts at 1:15 AM. Back soon.

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