I downloaded an equalizer app for macOS (eqMac) from the Web, and of course it asks for me to restart the damn laptop after the application is installed. Like, I have to restart a piece of hardware for a simple piece of software to function? At what point does Apple stop knee-capping developers for not paying the App Store ransom?

Quick and fast answer: NEVER

Apple knows that people will fork out handsomely for anything/everything they have their name (or logo) latched to, and so long as that is the case, they'll keep railroading consumers for the privilege of possessing an item that has that half-bitten Apple silhouette stamped on it.

And whenever people say, "I'm gonna switch to Linux", or "I'm going to Android", or whatever - the first (and only) argument people have is: "well, they have a smaller market share than XYZ demographic" - like, who gives a damn? Do my preferences take into account (or even passively consider) what everyone else uses before I decide what I like for my daily activities? It's like saying, "more people listen to Taylor Swift, so don't buy that Lou Reed album". What the fxxx difference does it make???

Or, do people have some (false) impression that they are ONLY using a smartphone (at all) to "be cool", and therefore it has to be an Apple device? Well guess what? It's 2022, you're using a smartphone come hell or high water, because it's essentially required of you in the developed world!

But, it's whatever. People can use whatever they like, and if privileged compromise is your cup of tea, then...that's who you are. LMAO! I just like shit to function properly, and to have some longevity to the item (no matter what it is), and also not pay five(5) months pay on it to begin with.

That's all

back soon