Maybe my approach to online input is all wrong? Maybe I spend too much time writing out thoughts at tandem? Put in too much time/energy/effort into the blogging machine? Perhaps short, fast, (and usually worthless) blurbs are the way to go? Of course, this premonition is false - as humans can/do/and should have their own thoughts/ideas/beliefs/views/feelings and shouldn't feel the urge/desire/or necessity of sharing those things with the whole damn universe online the moment it/they occur to them. Social networks are the chemical, the smartphone is the hypodermic needle delivering said chemical. Imagine AOL chatrooms in the age of instantaneous communication? Things were (and had to be - because it was the height of CS evolution at the time) slower back then.

So, what I am saying is, if I have an idea/thought/feeling/etc. and cannot muster up a (somewhat) fleshed-out blog post about it, then it is probably not worth writing nor reading to begin with. So I'll just keep doing it this way.

back soon