Just walked in from Schnucks. I got tons of fruit (incl Kent mangoes (in January!)), and also other necessary goods that aren't food (Bic lighters, Bic razors (but no pipe cleaners, because I would've had to do self-checkout for such a purchase, and I wasn't doing that this time around)). So, I am all loaded up. It's also totally freezing outside (26F), but sunny, so I wasnt completely miserable. I did forget to buy instant coffee, though :( Luckily, I have plenty left for the time being. I also forgot to get Almond milk, which go with the Golden Grahms (sp?) that I bought, so...whatever.

Anyway, that was a fast trip there and back - about an hour in total. Nice.

Very nice to have Bic lighters again, as I have been sparking a tobacco pipe off the stove using a paper towel for the past week! Definitely a poor man's version of flame, haha. But also, now I can actually smoke the SG Navy Flake tobacco, because that is a slow-to-light/slow-to-burn blend that requires many re-lights, which is usually the case with a flake.

back soon