tongues of fire, brains of a hurricane

I stopped at the laundromat, got a Dr Pepper, which the machine graciously vended me, and nothing else.

A nice guy stood loading an upper dryer with clothes. He laughed upon my entry for some reason "he he, nice night, eh?"

"Hell yea, nice day - really"

::I get a soda::

he giggles again

"Got a sodie, eh?"

"Oh yea"

another giggle

"Have a good one, man"

"You too"

I settle in at the laptop, sip the Dr Pepper, and my tongue lights up - I have some sort of tongue bite from pipe smoking, and the carbonated sugar decimates my tastebuds.

Then comes the brain buzz - the neurotoxin explosions and typical "sodie high" that happens every time I drink the beverage.

"We Didn't Start The Fire" comes on Tidal

Just the type of song for this sort of mood

Sometimes being crazy is to my benefit.

It's been years since I read Mescalito by HST, but I want to read it again. He was in a hotel in Hollywood, California, and it was the first time he took Mescaline, and he was trying to "keep up" with what his thoughts were doing via his typewriter, and it didn't end up working, but he did well for a while. The fucking thing (the story) is like "live history" happening, considering his (HST's) influence on psychedelic culture, and having a written account of his perception of it (mescaline).

I am in no way manifesting a Pepscalito here, because I have but less than 5% of HST's talent, but his type of wild, fun, off-the-rails writing always made to write better, more.

A blog is like a "life document", though. I mean, a log, yea - a web-log. But this is a consistent, ever-updated, ongoing document of my life, in a lot of ways. At least how I treat it.

So, I just do it. I don't care.

Other sources don't add much to what I do (with writing). I mean, if I added in Mastodon, and some other blog platform, or another section (notes, or jots, or whatever), I would never be able to be happy with just going with it (a writing flow).

And in regards to "POSSE" (which I dislike small pseudo "Internet phrases" as such), or "Publish On Somehwhateverthefuck (your own blog), Syndicate Elsewhere", that is too much work, too.

Anyway, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts "Crimson and Clover" just came on (their version, a cover) and it is delightful.

...and now, Weezer.


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