So, I had to go to the leasing office to get my package, because the postal driver couldn’t be bothered to drop it off at my physical address. Talk about a sad bunch.nnSo, I got the order, and everything is fine except for the DG Royal Duke pipe, which isn’t a RD, at all. It even has “Royal Duke” embossed on the briar, and considering I’ve *owned* a RD before, this looks nothing like one (nor did they change the design, because the photo looks identical to the one I once owned). Pretty disappointing, really.nnThe pipe rack looks good. The Decatur tobacco pouch is barely that – it is a fold of cloth with a lining inside, nothing to close off the tobacco from spilling all over the place (let alone to keep from losing moisture levels), like, say, a zipper. It costs $11 though, so…yea, it was still a ripoff.nnMonotonous day, for sure. I seriously thought the USPS was going to peace the f out and not deliver *any* packages today (in fact, the regular postal person didn’t deliver anything other than the standard mail – after the boxes were filled, they bounced). The only reason *this* package arrived is because it was on some special route due to the fact that it was already seven days late. Insane, all of it.nnHere’s hoping UPS does a better job on Wednesday.nn

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