No stop-overs in Illinois, it seems. It is in St Louis and will be here…eventually. I am sick to death of cigarettes and ready for my usual smokes (pipe tobacco), and the sooner it gets here, the better.nnWe had a Tornado Warning here earlier, and it is a bit breezy, but I think the Oakville area is OK. It *is* a weird weather type of day, though – both rainy *and* not very humid. Odd, indeed. I have the sliding glass door open a bit and have the AC on, too, which is wasteful, but it is the only way to control the temperature in my apartment with the (non-insulated) firewall in the living room/kitchen. I’ll survive.nnAnd there go the Tornado Warning sirens, again. Looking into it on both and accuweather, it seems that the tornado has been spotted in Western Illinois (East St Louis), and is moving towards the upper county (North St Louis County and Westward). Oakville is as far South County as one can be, but it is still good to be cautious. I will not be going outside tonight at all, that is for sure.nnLike, I said, weird weather for Missouri (especially this time of year).nn#stlwx

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