…but still waiting on the Home Depot delivery. It will arrive soon, I’m sure.nnI closed the sliding glass door, turned on the heat for a bit, because it is 69F in here, so it needs to warm up a bit. Something a space heater could help with, if one had arrived, haha.nnAnd I cracked open the tin of Solani Black and White tobacco (Latakia/Virginia), and it has a heavenly smell, and looks pretty aged. Gonna have some later on. nnAnkle is still slightly swollen, which is odd, but it will go down eventually, and I will also do more leg-elevation stretches this afternoon. That helps with not only the swelling, but also my ability to walk – helps a lot.nnHere, it is sunny and 51 outside. No breeze, just cloudless sun beams and cool air. I will sit outside in a little bit and absorb some of it.nnWith my leg/ankle being in the condition it is in, it reminds me of the early days of Daytona Beach (mid-2005) when I took the plane down there and as soon as I reached the cheapo motel I stayed at, I noticed my feet/ankle/legs started swelling. Then I went out to the beach on a hot day (well over 100F) and stood there with no shirt on or shoes or socks for around 45 minutes, and the next morning my shoulders were burnt to the point that they were bubbling up, and my feet/shins had turned red with bubbles and dark areas.nnShortly after that, I bought heavy duty sunblock and put it all over my shins and face every time I went out, as well as aloe vera lotion to ease the pain. And every single person I ran into, got into a conversation with (usually at bars) would say: “oh yea, go walk in the ocean tide barefoot for a bit, that will fix all of that right up”. I never did so, as I thought it was bunk advice.nnBut then, after a week or so of walking around, the swelling went down, but I *still* have “burn scars” on my shoulders/shins (probably a non-malignant (hopefully) form of melanoma or something like that). And for *years* I had two tan lines across each of my feet from where the straps for the “Jesus slippers” covered the top of my feet. nnBut anyway, long story short; I think the swelling will go down in time – as long as I stretch, and walk, and eat healthy, etc. it will all work out.nnBack later

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