Same old/same old. That’s what journaling is all about. Sometimes it is good to take a step back, though. Even if it is just for several hours. To sort of “get my grip” on the “what the fxxx” of life.nn**Where am I? Overall?**nnI don’t know. I’m in no funk nor malaise nor in any position of negativity. I’m generally happy, in a good mood, things are going OK and my way. Unfortunately I cannot say this about many in the world right now, but *I* am not many in the world.nnStill, empathy lingersnnBut, for Now, I made espresso (double-scoop of instant goodness). And I am going to see in the night, *remain* positive, and be optimistic about my position in the world.nnThere was a guy on YouTube a while back, and he was discussing his views of the world, and he said, “man, I’m just like on “**the meditation cushion of life**” – I see things through the mind of someone on a meditation cushion and doing things as consciously as possible”. And I appreciated hearing such remarks, but I tend to think of this blog as a meditation cushion of sorts. When I am off doing other things in the world, I never think “what will I write next?” Or, “is this blogworthy?” – I just go through the day having a clear(er) head and more peace of mind having known that any/all built up “gunk” that may be bothering me and nagging at my psyche has been *expelled* through my daily self-correspondence on this here bloggo. It’s somewhat of a meditative process.nnAnd I can’t expect *everyone* to be like this – in fact, I don’t recommend *anyone* trying to “write out their demons” as a type of self-therapy. But as long as people out there who may need help, or may need some form of concentration/clarity, that those people find what they need/want in life.nnAnyway, this is how I see things. nnBack soon

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