I *had* to get cigs. I was completely out, but as mentioned in my last blog post, I had to run to Schnucks, as well. But I had to be at the apartment at “sometime” today to receive my delivery for prescription strength Nexium (a medication for severe heartburn – I don’t know if everyone knows this), and I couldn’t miss that delivery drop off. Because they would try to call me from outside my apartment, and if no one answered, or if I wasn’t home, they would go back to the pharmacy and I would have to wait to have the meds delivered the next day. nnI gave the delivery until 1:00 PM, then said “fxxx it” and went to Schnucks, got a few items, and then came back to my apartment to drop off those items, then went *straight* to BP and bought a carton of Edgefield non-filters (nonny’s), decided to roll the dice and see if my neighbor “S” was home, so I could give him three of the packs from the carton (because he was a long-suffering saint by letting me bum a pack here and there in the past couple weeks). Dog Bless neighbor “S”! Then I walked to my apartment, walked in the door, checked my phone to see if I missed any calls (from the pharmacy), and no missed calls, and then a knock at my door with the delivery drop-off!nnTiming, man. Wow!nnI took one of the pills and staved off bad heartburn for yet another day, and then fired up a cig and started this blog post. nnSo, an active little afternoon :)nnI am cooling off in the AC, and about to venture out onto the balcony. nnHope all are well

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