time to clean up the fan

I decided to clean up the Comfort Zone floor fan, as it was covered in dust and gunk after four months of non-stop continual use. I turned it off for the first time in four months a moment ago, and wiped down the front grill, and proceeded to get dust mites all over everything in the corner of the room. And then for the stragglers, I turned the fan back on, and let them go astray across the carpeting.

Amazing all the shit that is in the air for a simple 430 sq ft apartment. I could probably use an air purifier/filter at some point, especially considering all the smoking I do in here. But then, the $15+ filter turns into an overpriced cigarette butt in a matter of days, and the entire exercise becomes futile, so I don't bother.

Circulation is all that is needed

back later

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