I had some Keurig Holiday Blend earlier today, as that was what was on hand in my brother-in-law's office. But usually, I don't mess with Keurig (never owned one, never will own one). Good java, though. But Now, I am having Folgers instant (double-scoop), and it is the third one I have had since I walked in the door. Equally good, if not better, than Keurig (which isn't terribly surprising to me).

Doing the trick, too - energized, caffeinated, wide awake, etc.

I have increased the amount of cigarettes I have been smoking lately (not on purpose), because A) I have cigarettes (as usually I am a pipe smoker), and B) I have been fairly distressed, or at least stressed, due to nervousness sounding the possible outcome of the pelvic exam. I sort of assumed the worst (a testicular growth), and hoped for "the best" (which oddly enough landed on me deciding a type of hernia would be the "best case scenario" (foolish)), and didn't put much consideration behind an infection or anything like that (you know, something significantly less invasive). So, I have been "smoking like someone waiting for results" (which is an incredibly old phrase for someone who is chainsmoking due to nervousness). Long and short of it is, the smoking has increased due to the "fear of the unknown", as smoking sometimes can calm my nerves, relax me a bit. But, I am going to DEcrease this habit over time (namely when I switch back to puffin' a pipe - which is a slower type of tobacco intake altogether).

That's all, back later