throwin' in the COVID-laced towel

Ok, so, it has been nearly a week that I have had a consistent tickle in the back of my throat, some times on some days I have a "whooping cough" (or, a violent smoker's cough, I would say), I have had bone-chilling chills for three nights in a row now, and I have slept a total of 7-ish hours in the past 36 hours.

I'd bet my left nostril that I have COVID. Again.

I had "initial" COVID (as it seems to be unofficially termed) in May 2020, straight after the pandemic started. Then I got double vaxxed (Moderna) in early 2021, then in August/Sept 2021 I had the Delta variant (no doubt in my mind. Was never "enzyme tested", but I am 100% sure that is what it was because there was a significant uptick in Delta cases in STL at that time + the symptoms were way worse than initial COVID, and if it had not been for the vaccine, I would have likely been hospitalized or worse).

But now, in late-September 2022, I am nearly positive that I have COVID (more akin to "initial" COVID) again.

I dug around in the bathroom cabinet to find a COVID test, and apparently them fuckers expire quick, because I've had these two kits in the cabinet for a few months, and when I went to test, the "sloshing" liquid (some vial to put the nasal swab into) had completely evaporated. Rendering the tests useless.

So I will get some new kits sent here. Somehow. And see 100% IF I have it (though I'm assuming I do, and will take precaution likewise).

So, some changes.

Until I confirm that I have it, I will assume I DO have it, and will stay mostly inside ::cry::

I will make getting tests my #1 priority starting now. Tomorrow AM I will see where/how I can get tests, even if that means the freebies from USPS. I will also order some more KN95 masks for when I DO have to go out. I don't trust the cloth/cotton mask that I've been carrying around in my backpack. KN95 are better, I went through many a package of them in 2021/22, so...yea.

Quarantine (meaning a proper 40-day quarantine, not that misconstrued 14-day shit) will start now. It's 10:00 PM, so tomorrow will be Day 1 of quarantine. And that is how it will be.

I will arrange food to be delivered to my apartment.

I will contact Independent Center tomorrow and let them know I will not be there for quite some time ::cries, again::

I will also cancel the appointment time I had for meeting with my caseworker next week.

So, that's where I'm at. Sucks, but it is what it is.


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