![]( several posts here this morning, so I will cool off after this, I think. But I had a walk to Schnucks this AM and got a Reign Total Body Fuel Reignbow Sherbet (actually name/spelling) energy drink of some sort, and it is some Six Flags, cotton candy, Pop Rocks type of shit, lemme tell ya. It has [Coenzyme Q10]( in it, which I had not heard of, and the linked Wikipedia article didn’t tell me much, either (unless I felt like earning a BS in pharmacology real quick). I just know that it’s got me going, and I appreciate that (though I resist drinking most energy drinks, almost always). nnI see **Q10**, and I think: BlackBerry! As in the phone. I wanted a BlackBerry Q10 for quite some time (years after it’s release). I thought it was cool that it had a mini HDMI port on it, and was a full/”true” BlackBerry OS experience. I ended up getting a BlackBerry Classic in 2014 to supplement this desire, and it “worked”, or the QWERTY keyboard worked. I enjoyed it. But it was some bullsxxx nostalgia reason I had for buying it, so it got replaced within a year from it’s purchase.nnFunny thing, when I walk back from Schnucks, I pass The Workout Co on the corner of Oakville Plaza, and they (of course) have all glass walls (all gyms do, not sure why), and I always see the “backside” of someone doing the elliptical (sometimes a good (quasi-perverted) thing – sometimes an unpleasant sight), but this morning, someone was going ALL OUT on the machine. Just, trucking with all force and vigor at 6:00 AM like she was wrapping up a marathon. It was a sight, really. My knees would snap like frail peanut brittle if I tried that.nnSo there we go. I will finish my gasoline/jet fuel beverage, and come back later when I am done climbing the walls.nnback soon

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