I was [subscribing to YT channels](, and I did my usual song and dance of open a few tabs, incl:nn- Midnight.pubn- Cafen- Read.write.asn- Proton Mailn- 1Feed n- and my Github [olry]( then I thought of the fact that I was SUB-ing to channels, and thought of (sub)TMO, and decided to write *this* post (what I am writing here), about “the 5 tab dance” I do nearly every time I open my Firefox browser.nnI mentioned six tabs, but usually I let my Github be ignored, because I am just responding to “adds” or whatever the hell they call it when someone follows a person. I have 80 something “followers”/”subscribers”(?) on there, and I have no clue why, considering I don’t do a gd thing on that site, haha. Just caught an algo or something. I could care less. Maybe if I used it, it could be helpful(?), but I don’t so it isn’t.nnI always said I would figure out GH though, but damn it’s convoluted to learn.nnAnyway, the **5 tab dance**: it’s what I DO on the “smol web” these days. I mean, w/o social media (left Twitter and Instagram in late-2019, and FB long before that, for anyone reading this who doesn’t know – though I think I’ve mentioned it plenty of times before), and without using a handful of other time-consuming services online, I just have to manually visit each tab and see what’s going on to DO anything online.nnJust pointing this out as a superfluous observationnnback soon

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