I decided that the homepage of **Thanx** is going to need a makeover (at some point), and I decided on a two-column system that actually has some (legit, nice, pretty) design elements to it. It won’t be unlike that of the Twitter sign-up page, in some ways (only nothing like Twitter, itself) and it will be very straight forward and simple (much like the homepage is now).nnSimple colors (white/powder blue), simple fonts (Arial), and the descriptor of the service, itself, will be *right there* for the person to see/read upon landing on the page – nothing to click around on or navigate away from when they get there. And this is a matter of convenience only – there doesn’t have to be an “about” page, *and* a “making” page, *and* a “description” page, etc etc. Just tell people what it is up-front. Simple.nnThe Inbox page will reflect this, as well. And also the “Send Thanx!” page. Kind of a pure messaging service. For the public.nnAnyway, making things looks nicer and removing the cruft/noobiness of it all ;)nnBack later

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