Heavy, heavy, HEAVY gusts here in S St Louis County. I can actually hear the wind pressure against the outside of my bedroom wall, and it is a *brick* building! My neighbor’s wind chimes are going a mile a minute, and I would imagine most neighbor’s Xmas decor is scattered around the parking lot, if they didn’t think ahead and take it down before the gusts *really* started to pick up.nnI will be outside on the balcony having pipe tobacco if the gusts ever calm down, but for now I am staying inside.nn**So what are the plans for tonight?**nnFirst, make more coffee. nnThen, do some more writing.nnAnd after that, catch up on some RSS feed stuff. nnI am still liking [1feed]( a lot, and that will likely be my primary RSS reader from now on, because it simply makes more sense to use with “gestures” (on desktop *and* mobile) than the unnecessary “windowed” approach that Feedbin takes. Feedbin is also very desktop-centric, and isn’t great on mobile. I also went through the trouble of (manually, one-by-one) importing my entire RSS feed into 1feed already, so I will likely stick around.nnCoffee: startednn**a single dimension to correspondence**nnA lot of my blog posts may seem the same, and others are more complex, and the tonality, or even narrative, will change depending on mood, how my day is going, etc. But really, this is because (if you think about it) when you correspond with a person IRL, there are a *lot* of variables and nuance to consider regarding body language, tone of voice, chemistry, energy of the room, etc. Much of that is hard to translate into blog form (or written form – especially when it is only me who is being corresponded with (though others can read along sometimes – which is great)). I feel, at times, that I have a straight-forward “basic tone” to what is written, and that is not “on purpose”, but more just of how my thoughts translate into text.nnBut still, there is a *single dimension to correspondence* in the written word. Regardless of what is said, or *how* it is said, or *who* it is said *to*, it will always (at the end of the day) be the same act upon the reader – visually interpreting text to form a type of *inner* tone and message within the brain of the reader. nnIt reminds me of the old phrase/quote that goes something like: “these words mean so much to me, but to you they are just words”. And that is (usually) the case for most writers. It’s the “rule” to be (at least somewhat) misunderstood, not the exception.nnBut, nevertheless, *my* approach (or idealistic belief) is that there are still new ways of writing. Only limited by letters and language, but NOT limited in tone and structure.nnAnd perhaps this is why I do not read novels very often; because there is *so much* occurring with storyline, character development, settings, and descriptors, that the *essence* of how the writing truly *is* tends to get lost in the word sauce. Tying all of those things together (as a writer) and then writing out the *events* within said storyline, and still have everything still be GOOD, is an incredible challenge (I find).nnAnother question: **does circumstance reign supreme?**nnLike when being recommended a good album, I will like listening to said album *more* if it is recommended by a person whose tastes/opinion matter to me. And the same can be said about a book, or a blog, or even a journalistic publication – my enjoyment of said material hinges *greatly* upon the **circumstance** with which I came across it.nnSo, yes, circumstance (almost always) plays a crucial role in the reader’s enjoyment, satisfaction, or dissatisfaction with the content.nnBut to the *writer*, they (usually) do not see it this way. Or at least in the case of *this* blog/journal, I see it as a consolidation of all the (weird) writing approaches, narratives, and tonality that *I*, myself, have witnessed through my life (my lifetime as a reader), which, as Stephen King says, “to be a good writer, you must be a good reader” (I am paraphrasing, but it goes something like that).nnSo anyway, that’s my ramble about writing, for now. I think it’s good progress in my *own* understanding of what the hell is going on, what the hell I am doing – so…good :)nnback later

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