Dry, cool, sunny - the type of weather that goes straight to your brain and makes Earth a pleasant place to be. Absolutely delightful. Nothing "stale" or "plastic" about conditions like this. And the Air Quality is "Excellent" at 17 (whatever that number means?). Downright delightful.

Anyway, I just got in from BP and fetched a couple specialty Mt Dew drinks (one Code Red (cherry soda), and one Live Wire (orange soda)), and I remember like yesterday when these sodas were NEW in 2003 when I arrived at Job Corps and they had them in the vending machines. I damn near lived off of these two drinks for six months during my time there. Also, it is hard to believe that Job Corps was almost 20 years ago! Wow! It was "a time", indeed :)

So, I've got busywork to do today. Running around doing XYZ, but I like to stay busy, if I can. This running around includes a trip to Dollar Tree to pick up what I need for the next 48 hours, which will be a bunch of little stuff (obviously, because it is Dollar Tree), and while I am there, I may pick up some non-consumable stuff, as well. Things I may need for around the house (not just during the snow storm). I don't know what these "little things" will be, or if I would even need them (other than brass tacks, I DO need some of those), but, I will simply look around a bit.

back soon